Memorials are personal tributes recognizing a loved one by dedicating a gift in their name to The United Brain Association. Memorials can be made in honor of, in memory of, or in celebration of.

We will contact you by your preferred method to further discuss your loved one’s United Brain Association Memorial. Accompanying the UBA website memorial, we will send you a framed photo of the memorial.

United Brain Association Memorials can be customized with your photos and bios.  Some examples of UBA Memorials are presented below.

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You Are Not Alone

For you or a loved one to be diagnosed with a brain or mental health-related illness or disorder is overwhelming, and leads to a quest for support and answers to important questions. UBA has built a safe, caring and compassionate community for you to share your journey, connect with others in similar situations, learn about breakthroughs, and to simply find comfort.

United Brain Association

Make a Donation, Make a Difference

We have a close relationship with researchers working on an array of brain and mental health-related issues and disorders.  We keep abreast with cutting-edge research projects and fund those with the greatest insight and promise.  Please donate generously today; help make a difference for your loved ones, now and in their future.                                                                 

The United Brain Association – No Mind Left Behind

Share Your Story

If you have an experience, a story, or someone in your life you want to recognize for their strength and willpower, please share it with us. We want to hear from you because listening is part of healing.

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