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Our mission at UBA is to empower every individual living with a Brain Story and to support innovative research for a cure. We feel a “cure” is about courage, willpower, endurance, and acceptance. We aim to cure brain illnesses by empowering individuals and reassuring them they’re not alone, by uniting them to share their stories, struggles, and determinations. Here are some of our empowered Brain Stories.

  • George Metz’s Brain Story is an encouraging one: despite suffering from amnesia from an early age, George has led a successful, independent life. George speaks about the challenges of living with amnesia and the many accomplishments he has achieved despite the condition’s limitations. 

  • Mary tells a story about achieving a fulfilling life as a recovering alcoholic. She spoke candidly about her addiction, her path to recovery, and the struggles she faced combatting her addiction. Even now, after almost 20 years of sobriety, Mary is still aware that relapse is possible at any time. 

  • Eddie’s Brain Story is a familiar one, and whether you realize it or not, it's a story that you, a loved one, or someone very close to you has most likely experienced. We spoke with Eddie, an active, supporting, and compassionate member of Alcoholics Anonymous, about the life he led while under the influence and his life after learning to control his alcoholism.

  • Meet Anilee List. You may recognize this bright young star from American Idol! While her current ambitions are amazing by their measure, her Brain Story begins long before her appearance on the show. She sat down with UBA to discuss her life with Tourette’s and ADHD, both equally challenging disorders individually, but together, they have led her on what she refers to as her beautiful journey.

  • My name is Julie Dukes, and I am 51 years old. I grew up in a small rural town in Iowa.  I lived in Connecticut for 15 years, where I raised my two amazing boys. Five years ago, I reunited with my High School sweetheart, and I moved back to Iowa. Proudly, I have been a critical care nurse for thirty years. 

  • Meet Rowan! This delightful young boy makes his appearance in our Brain Story series as our youngest contributor yet. Rowan's Brain Story is about living with Angelman syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder occurring in one in 15,000 live births or 500,000 people worldwide.

  • Meet Dr. Robinson. Don Robinson’s Brain Story is one that tells of a highly educated and successful medical doctor who suffered a slip and fall almost 2 decades ago, and who now leads a different life after a traumatic brain injury.

  • Meet Kaelyn! This vibrant young girl’s Brain Story is one about living with Autism and Epilepsy. While roughly 2% of the U.S. population has been diagnosed with Autism, it has been observed that more than 75% of those diagnosed have four or more other diagnosed conditions on average.

  • Meet Laura. Her line of work brings her passion for holistic health and wellness together with her diagnosis with OCD (and more specifically, Relationship themed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), to help others achieve balance and thrive through mindfulness and natural healing.

  • Collin's Brain Story encompasses the passion and drive of an ambitious young man who also happens to be living with Tourette's Syndrome. Collin took some time to speak with the United Brain Association about the challenges he faces and some of his accomplishments and goals.

You Are Not Alone

For you or a loved one to be diagnosed with a brain or mental health-related illness or disorder is overwhelming, and leads to a quest for support and answers to important questions. UBA has built a safe, caring and compassionate community for you to share your journey, connect with others in similar situations, learn about breakthroughs, and to simply find comfort.

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