With heavy hearts, The United Brain Association is saddened to learn of the passing of Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D.

Roland’s colleague at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, David Yaden, posted the following message:

“I’m writing to share the news that Roland passed away yesterday evening. I spoke with Roland’s wife, Marla, who told me that he passed peacefully at home surrounded by a few friends and with her right at his side.

 Roland’s work has transformed the world’s view of psychedelics by quantifying their treatment potential, their risks, and their other fascinating effects. Roland has helped to remind us of the importance of boldly pursuing new scientific horizons. He remained intensely curious and filled with gratitude until the end.

 I will never cease to be in awe of how Roland was able to resurrect research on psychedelics, launch the CPCR, and then, in his last year of life, create The Griffiths Professorship to study topics like well-being and spirituality for which there are no other sources of stable funding. Without overstatement, I can say that Roland is a figure of historical importance, as is now this research fund. It is utterly unique in the world. Thank you for being a part.

 Should you feel moved to send a memorial contribution in Roland’s name, his family has provided two suggestions:

  • Roland’s endowment to support research on secular spirituality and well-being: https://griffithsfund.org/
  • Gilchrist Hospice Center Towson: Mail to: Gilchrist, 11311 McCormick Road, Suite 350, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031

 I know that your support of Roland’s vision was a source of enormous satisfaction to Roland and I am profoundly grateful that we are able to celebrate Roland’s pioneering accomplishments together.

In February 2023, The United Brain Association had the privilege of awarding the first Prudence M. Boulton Brain Award to Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D., for outstanding achievement in the understanding of brain science and Human cognition.

A $10,000 donation was made to Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in support of the Roland R. Griffiths, Ph.D. Professorship in Psychedelic Research on Secular Spirituality and Well-Being.

The United Brain Association is honored and deeply humbled to support Dr. Griffiths and his insightful investigations into the inner working of the mind.

We link to NPR-Boston’s recent interview with Dr. Griffiths to further illustrate the compassion and inner strength shown by Roland on a daily basis: https://www.npr.org/2023/05/14/1175762261/cancer-patients-psychedelics-medical-spirituality

We wish All the Best to Roland as he continues on his journey.

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