The first topic in our series on Concussion and Sports relates to player education, and creating a better understanding of the impact concussions have on sports today.

One of the key steps in establishing an environment where knowledge of concussion and their long-term impacts is through education. Concussion education is essential across all levels of play – from the Pros down to the youth level. 

Currently, concussion education programs for youth-level sports are coming up short. As a result, players may not understand what their coaches are trying to teach them, and parents don’t always get the correct message from the coaches.

One way to improve this breakdown in communication is for coaches to present vital information on concussions, the signs, symptoms, and treatments to players and their parents together. A group meeting among the coaches, parents, and players is one way to get the message out: “Concussions are Dangerous.”

Studies indicate that youth-level players are more susceptible to concussion than adults; their brains are still developing and lack some internal structures, which can lessen the severity of head impacts. Unfortunately, youth players are also the ones most unaware of the dangers of head injuries.

When properly instructed on technique, and properly outfitted with the correct technologies, such as protective headgear, today’s athletes face a much safer and enjoyable future in sports.

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