As a caregiver, it’s especially important to find joy in your daily life.  If you make the deliberate decision to seek joy you can succeed through any struggle and pain that might come your way.

Inspired by the best-selling book Living With Joyhere’s an activity you can complete so that YOU CAN LIVE JOYFULLY.

  1. Think of seven things you love to do, that feel joyful when you do them and have NOT done in the last several months.
  2. As you think of each of these things, reflect on what stops you from doing each one.
  3. Take two or three items that hold the most joy for you, and think of one step you can take toward each to bring it into your life.
  4. Mark your calendar with a date and time that you will bring each of these joyful activities into your life.

You deserve to feel joy, regardless of your circumstances.  Take the steps to make it happen!

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