Kintsukuroi is a kind of Japanese ceramic style, and means “to repair with gold.”  In this tradition, when a ceramic piece breaks, an artisan will fuse the pieces back together using liquid or gold-dusted lacquer.  Though broken, rather than being covered up or discarded, the cracks become more obvious, but a new piece of art emerges.

Kintsukuroi embraces every flaw and imperfection, but also teaches us the beauty and power of resilience.  Every crack and imperfection is a part of its history and each new piece that is created becomes even more beautiful because it has been broken.

What we can learn?

You may fall, fail, or break, but you will stand up, dust yourself off so that you can be repaired.  Though you will be different than before, you will eventually become whole and shine even brighter than before.  You will become a better person because of your imperfections, not in spite of them.

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