Often times due to geography, there may be resentment towards the long-distance family members that don’t have a regular role in the day-to-day caregiving routine.

It is so important that everyone shares in the responsibility and despite the distance, there are still many ways to assist.  With technology and the advancement of the Internet, it’s especially easy to stay in touch and help manage things such as bank accounts and bill paying.  One can also help financially support daily aid expenses, but perhaps the most important way to show support and participation is through regular communication via phone, text, Skype, Facebook, etc., all interspersed with personal visits.

Most importantly, it’s crucial that family members are patient with one another and do not criticize those that are doing the day-to-day caregiving.  Their role is without a doubt the hardest of them all, and they deserve respect for the great job they are doing. With an open heart, patience, and understanding, everyone will find that resentments are easier to prevent than straighten out.

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